Verboticism: Hooverize

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Created by: metrohumanx

Definition: v., To finish your plate and eat all the food in front of you, even when not hungry. n., Compulsive over-consumption of food in order to relieve guilt.

Pronunciation: WHO-vuhr-eyes

Sentence: Timmy The Beard returned from his sojourn in the deep woods and proceeded to HOOVERIZE every edible morsel placed before him.

Etymology: HOOVER-a popular brand of vacuum cleaner + suffix "IZE" = HOOVERIZE.

Points: 722

Comments: Hooverize

metrohumanx - 2008-09-12: 15:28:00
I just came in at number twenty-five-I'm oh so happy and so glad to be alive. Everybody says i'm gonna get to the top....Life is so easy when your record's hot !

metrohumanx - 2008-09-12: 16:24:00
Amazing. I zoomed up to #59 in like. 30 minutes.Go figure :)

Nosila - 2008-09-12: 22:33:00
As long as he doesn't like to J.Edgar Hooverize...or as they sing in Monty Python's Lumberjack Song..."I cuts down trees, I wears high heels, suspenders and a bra, I wants to be a lady, just like my old Papa!:

lumina - 2008-09-12: 22:49:00
Timmy the Beard. I think I dated him. :)