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'Let me help you with that zipper'

DEFINITION: v. To insist on helping someone in spite of their repeated assurance that they have things well in hand, and already have their own remedies in mind. n. Unwanted help or assistance.

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Created by: Nosila

Pronunciation: drag gin fly

Sentence: When Ben got his naughty bits stuck in his zipper, his girlfriend Mary made things worse by being a dragginfly. There's just something about Mary...

Etymology: Dragging (something that slows or delays progress;pull, as against a resistance )& Fly (opening in front of pants) & WordPlay on Dragonfly (large flying insect)

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Created by: artr

Pronunciation: ənhelpkəm

Sentence: Jill’s assistance is almost always unhelpcome. It’s not that her efforts are insincere, it’s that they are often bungled and cause pain and suffering.

Etymology: unwelcome (not gladly received) help (assist)

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Created by: splendiction

Pronunciation: in ept i TOOL

Sentence: Some people are, simply put, ineptitools when faced with the job of fixing things. Even easy jobs like doing laundry baffle the ineptitool - who uses detergent in the clothes dryer. Often the ineptitool makes a situation worse by getting in the way or simply spills the paint on the carpet.

Etymology: From: inept, ineptitude and tool. Often those who are easily manipulated are referred to as “tools”. Those who are ineptitool can’t use tools, nor be put to good use themselves.

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Created by: petaj

Pronunciation: over ride

Sentence: Marjie was single-minded in her efforts to win the first aid officer of the month award. To that end she had resorted to overaiding her team mates. Now every paper cut was treated with iodine and bandaging, every headache with excessive and vigorous head massage, every little bump or bruise with lashings of arnica and warnings about occupational health and safety. Their protests were ignored, their bandaids stripped off and replaced with industrial strength bandage and some had even resorted to wearing balaclavas to avoid losing their hair.

Etymology: over ride (bully, browbeat, ignore protests) + aide (one who provides assistance)


Heh heh....all that's left is CPR. Good word. - Mustang, 2008-05-26: 04:57:00


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Created by: Jabberwocky

Pronunciation: ade/a/mant

Sentence: Sally's grown children must now always wear shoes with velcro fastenings as a result of her being so aidamant about helping them tie their shoes.

Etymology: aid +m adamant (stubbornly resolute)


Sally to easy with her kids: she needs to give them a good lacing.... - OZZIEBOB, 2008-05-27: 20:30:00


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Created by: mweinmann

Pronunciation: foi - st - ai - d

Sentence: Lucy insisted on practicing foistaid on her mother's prized petunia patch. Mom reminded her that everything had been cultivated and weeded and that Lucy need not touch her flowers while she was gone. When Mom got home, Lucy had incorrectly identified them as weeds and pulverized the prized petunias into pitiful piles of dried out debris.

Etymology: foist (to force onto another,to falsely; identify as real; to defraud) aid (help, assist) play on first aid


love saying this - Jabberwocky, 2009-07-07: 11:52:00

I know....does it sound like Elmer Fudd? - mweinmann, 2009-07-07: 12:07:00

mrskellyscl I\'m thinking of the Three Stooges - mrskellyscl, 2009-07-07: 20:14:00

artr Could have been forcedaid too but foisted doesn\'t get enough play. Great word! - artr, 2009-07-09: 08:46:00


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Created by: TJayzz

Pronunciation: Help-full-stress

Sentence: Although being helpfulstress, and despite Jill's objections, Joe insisted on aiding with the washing up. Unfortunately, just like the previous occassion he managed to break more items than he actually cleaned.

Etymology: Helpful(giving or eager to give help)+ Stress(A state of mental or emotional strain.) =Helpfulstress

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Created by: Nosila

Pronunciation: no sis tans

Sentence: When Dick got his, you know, name-organ, stuck in his zipper, well that Jane was nossistance at all. Her aid was not only not impeckerable, it left a track on his manhood forever. Should he survive this cock-up, he would add the word nossistance to his dickionary for future reference. See Dick, See Jane in the no-fly zone! Willie forgive her? How could he? It was a phallusy. He was a highly regarded Member of Parliament, after all. See Dick not run again...

Etymology: No (not in any degree or manner; not at all) & Assistance (the activity of contributing to the fulfillment of a need or furtherance of an effort or purpose) & insistence (the state of urgently demanding notice or attention)


Chubby Johnson would be proud. - stache, 2008-05-26: 01:09:00

LOL....great sentence!! Very...imaginative? - Mustang, 2008-05-26: 04:56:00


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Created by: galwaywegian

Pronunciation: ass hohl siss tahnss


Etymology: assistance asshole

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Created by: Mustang

Pronunciation: foyst-ayd

Sentence: Mary Jo seemed unable to resist the notion that others couldn't possibly do without her helpful intervention, and as so often was the case those she provided foistaid to became victims rather than recipients of genuine assistance.

Etymology: Blend of 'foist' (To impose (something or someone unwanted) upon another by coercion or trickery) and 'aid' (assistance)

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Verbotomy Verbotomy - 2008-05-26: 00:00:01
Today's definition was suggested by Mustang. Thank you Mustang. ~ James

Verbotomy Verbotomy - 2008-05-26: 09:51:00
Jabberwocky edges out Stevenson0 for the top prize in Shamu Week! Congratulations to Jabber, she is obviously an expert at creativity and understands the all the intricacies and details of animal training. (I imagine she had a very well-trained spouse!) Congratulations to all the players for a great week! And thanks again to Amy Sutherland for teaching us how to shamu. ~ James

Verbotomy Verbotomy - 2009-07-07: 00:06:00
Today's definition was suggested by Mustang. Thank you Mustang. ~ James