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'You can't put paper towels in the paper recycling!!'

DEFINITION: n. Anxiety created by an inability to understand or follow the regulations for recycling, composting and garbage collection. v. To feel confused and conflicted because you produce too much garbage and don't know how to get rid of it.

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Created by: OZZIEBOB

Pronunciation: dros-oh-VER-ree-AK-shuhn

Sentence: Bob dreaded Thursday evenings; when, at about 9.33pm, Roxie would yell to him, "Have you put the garbage out yet?" All this may seem a trifle odd, but he always felt that in the moonlight a pair of eyes were firmly fixed upon him. Indeed it made him feel apprehensive, until one evening out of the shadows sprang Ilsa, head of the neighourhood garbage gestapo. "What do you mean putting foreign language print in with English language newspapers?" she scowled. He hardly knew what to say, but managed to reply, " Oh, come on; I guess, after all, don't they both derive from Sanskrit?" She glared, but made no reply, and he too remained silent, not wishing to trash talk her. Early the next morning, as he was leaving his house, he saw her but perservered in his resolution not to speak to her or allow himself to be subjected to her drossoverreactions.

Etymology: DROSS: Waste, Refuse & QVERREACTION: over-the-top response


Next up on Trash Talk... - arrrteest, 2008-03-25: 08:28:00

Well done irony showing it can be taken to far, in both your sentence and word! Potent verboticism! - silveryaspen, 2008-03-25: 13:18:00

wonderful sentence - Jabberwocky, 2008-03-25: 13:37:00


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Created by: artr

Pronunciation: kämpəzəld

Sentence: Environmentally-friendly, green, recycle, reuse, compost... It all leaves Jerry compuzzled.

Etymology: compost (decayed organic material used as a plant fertilizer) + puzzled (to feel confused because they cannot understand or make sense of something)

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Created by: galwaywegian

Pronunciation: diss trah sssh d

Sentence: He didn't feel totally rubbish, but admitted to being a trifle distrashed

Etymology: distressed trash

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Created by: Nosila

Pronunciation: lit ter ay shun

Sentence: Lyndon literally was left in a state of litteration over the local litter laws. Listlessly he tried to let Lisa look through the litter to lawfully not be litigated.

Etymology: Litter (garbage) & Alliteration (using same consonants to start)

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Created by: Kennecticut




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Created by: rebelvin

Pronunciation: cow-herd-hiss-card

Sentence: We are so full of cowardiscard, we discuss at length how to toss every single thing out.

Etymology: cowardice+discard

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Created by: kimmi

Pronunciation: stuck up tree hugger



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Created by: msherman51

Pronunciation: Re foo fewdge'

Sentence: Newspapers, shopping bags, plastics sorted by number, she confidently approached the array of bins; minutes later she was seen still standing in full refufuge, arms outstretched, clutching but unable to release her number 2 plastic juice container.

Etymology: refuse, wretched or otherwise, and fugue, a state of being unable to choose or act

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Created by: youmustvotenato

Pronunciation: green-tard

Sentence: This cup is kinda glossy, is it paper or plastic? Gosh, this is confusing. I feel so greentarded.

Etymology: green-to help the environment; retarded-lacking certain abilities.

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Created by: purpleartichokes

Pronunciation: bee-swill-dur-ment

Sentence: Approaching the recycling containers, plastic bottle in hand, Sue was overcome with anxiety, trashabash, and beswillderment. Could her #3 bottle even be recycled?

Etymology: bewilderment, swill


Simply Suberb! - silveryaspen, 2008-03-25: 11:03:00

very funny - Jabberwocky, 2008-03-25: 11:37:00

I like it! - OZZIEBOB, 2008-03-25: 20:08:00


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Verbotomy Verbotomy - 2008-03-25: 00:01:00
Today's definition was suggested by remistram. Thank you remistram. ~ James

stache - 2008-03-25: 02:10:00
I love the "IDEAS" bin.

Verbotomy Verbotomy - 2008-03-25: 05:32:00
Thanks stache. That's the bin where I put out my old ideas for recycling. ~ James

Jamagra - 2008-03-25: 08:07:00
James... maybe you could recycle those ideas my way? Love the cartoon and the word, but today... I got nothin'.

Jamagra - 2008-03-25: 09:10:00
Oh! Thought of something. I'm good now!

remistram - 2008-03-25: 10:23:00
got our massive bin last week...process is a bit more streamlined, am happy now!

purpleartichokes - 2008-03-25: 11:15:00
Lucky you, remi... our community recycling consists of loading the stuff up in your car and taking it to the recycling center on one of the few days/hours that they happen to be open. Sucks. I did get a FREE compost bin from our state env. protection folks. $80 value. My mother (and only my mother) is so proud!

My Rottin' Poem

I love my compost pile!
It thrills me to the bone
To think that all that wilted slop
Will enhance the crops I've grown!

I garden with a passion,
And I compost with a zeal.
I collect the coffee grounds at work
And cherish every peel.

In my cellar I compost in winter
Much to my son's dismay.
Though sweet to me, the smell can chase
Unwanted guests away.

My pile in the summer
Is a another sad slop story.
The dog next door gulps the gourmet treat,
Then regurgitates... quite gory.

The peels get strewn about my lawn
By some midnight compost thief.
I try to promptly pick up the stuff,
Before the neighbors give me grief.

The egg-shells never make it
To calcify my plants.
The birds steal most of the precious shards
Or they get toted off by ants.

My composting efforts without a bin
Have been daunting, to say the least.
By the time the stuff finally starts to rot,
It gets eaten by some beast.

So you see, kind folks at DEP
Why it's for a bin I pray.
If I can clean up my compost act,
The neighbors might let me stay!

silveryaspen - 2008-03-25: 13:09:00
Funtastic rhyme and reasoning!

Verbotomy Verbotomy - 2008-03-25: 16:22:00
Hey purple, I figured you loved vegetables, and guessed you were a dedicated composter, but composting in your basement??? Yikes!! Maybe that's why your shower curtain is covered in mildew. ~ James

Jamagra - 2008-03-25: 17:25:00
Purple, I am very proud of you too! You grow, girl!

purpleartichokes - 2008-03-25: 18:21:00
Um, yeah, I actually did compost in the basement in a garbage can. Apparently, I didn't add enough "browns" to the mix, cuz when I dumped it in the spring, the neighborhood smelled like a cesspool for days. ...oops. Thanks Jamagra! I'm gonna try my hand at a giant punkin this year! James - thanks for the idea. I bet that shower curtain junk would compost nicely!

arrrteest - 2008-03-25: 18:37:00
Great poem, too! I used to have a worm composting bin. At least the kids thought it was cool.

Verbotomy Verbotomy - 2010-06-01: 00:31:00
Today's definition was suggested by remistram. Thank you remistram. ~ James

youmustvotenato youmustvotenato - 2011-10-18: 10:29:00

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