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'Look at that big smile!'

DEFINITION: v. To have difficulty recognizing, and correctly interpreting, human facial expressions. n. A person who cannot read faces.

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Created by: Discoveria

Pronunciation: con-FROWND

Sentence: Mick tended to confround around new people, especially when seeing smiles and shocked expressions.

Etymology: confound (to confuse) + frown

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Created by: simplemoose

Pronunciation: A DIF' FACE

Sentence: Adiffaces are generally creepy.


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Created by: mrskellyscl

Pronunciation: mis-in-ter-pre-face-tion

Sentence: Jase was the king of misinterprefacetion, especially when it came to women. One day he thought he saw a "come hither" look on Miss Muffet's face and thought he might get lucky. In reality it was a look of horror because of a spider that sat down beside her (spiders creeped her out). So when he smiled at her she shivered and ran away, leaving him totally confused.

Etymology: misinterpretation: to interpret, explain or understand correctly + face

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Created by: ratika




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Created by: pinwheel

Pronunciation: my/op/eek

Sentence: George decided that Polly was totally myopique when she misinterpreted his grimace of horror after showing him the dress she intended to wear to the party.

Etymology: myopic (short-sighted) + pique (emotional excitement or irritation)


probably left her in a myopickle. - galwaywegian, 2007-05-09: 06:50:00


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Created by: lv071100

Pronunciation: ee-mog-er-ants

Sentence: The boy is full of emogerance.


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Created by: ziggy41

Pronunciation: im-PAIR-ence

Sentence: Her impearance led me to believe she was a psychopath on the verge of killing me... it turned out that she loved me.

Etymology: Impair (difficulty) + appearance (expression)

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Created by: Kurisu

Pronunciation: TRANS-sub-siko-ation

Sentence: I thought I was just being friendly, but his behavior revealed transubpsychoation.

Etymology: Trans: of, relating to, or characterized by + Sub: to act as a substitute + Pyscho: a deranged or psychopathic person + Ation: action or process : something connected with an action or process

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Created by: daisy

Pronunciation: vi-za-ji-di-it

Sentence: He can't seem to tell the difference between a cringe and a wink - he's a visagidiot!


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Created by: iwasatripwire

Pronunciation: miss-cal-cue-face

Sentence: My boyfriend is constantly miscalcufacing my "come hither" look as a glare. Maybe that's why we haven't had sex in two months.

Etymology: miscalculate + face

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Verbotomy Verbotomy - 2007-05-09: 02:26:00
Today's definition was inspired by Cory Doctorow's short story "I, Row-Boat", where a sentient, and very sensitive Row-Boat has some difficulty reading a woman's facial expressions. See the full story in Overclocked. Thank you Cory! ~ James

metrohumanx metrohumanx - 2008-07-09: 02:49:00
MIENBLIND is very good- and far more cerebral than my entry. Good work, Ozziebob.

MaybeLater_x - 2008-08-19: 19:10:00
Visagenary is also a play on Imaginary, nay?

Verbotomy Verbotomy - 2009-11-25: 00:48:00
Today's definition was suggested by doctorow. Thank you doctorow. ~ James

ldikarev - 2012-09-06: 16:44:00

ldikarev - 2012-09-06: 16:45:00
Prosopagnosia - Prosopagnosia (Greek: "prosopon" = "face", "agnosia" = "not knowing") is a disorder of fa