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'Come on cat, give me some food!'

DEFINITION: To share food with your pet, or vise versa.

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Created by: wordmeister

Pronunciation: gi-bi-til

Sentence: As public advocate for the National Gibittle Program, Roger was secretly embrassed that his cat had never actually shared any its food with him.

Etymology: give + bite + vittle = gibittle

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Created by: wysware

Pronunciation: hun-ee-lun-ch

Sentence: I shared a honeylunch with tiddles

Etymology: honey (term of endearment) lunch (meal)

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Created by: bjorn

Pronunciation: beast-feeding

Sentence: Alan was really into beastfeeding.

Etymology: beast + breastfeeding

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Created by: squirrelian

Pronunciation: petstircate

Sentence: I think I'll petstircate this mystery meat.

Etymology: pet + masticate... for the open minded...

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Created by: ArsMajika

Pronunciation: FAW-nor-ECKS-ee-ah

Sentence: "Call it faunorexia if you want, but these dog biscuits are delicious!"

Etymology: Fauna - animals; Orexis, Greek for "appetite."

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Created by: ChrisCarrk

Pronunciation: pet/shah/mun/ch

Sentence: Hey Lemmy, lets petshamunch our food!

Etymology: pet-share-munch

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Created by: hvhtim

Pronunciation: peh-FAY


Etymology: pet, buffet

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Created by: chris

Pronunciation: ann-ee-mal-ee-men-tayt

Sentence: With the price of pet food these days, it would be a crime not to animalimentate from time to time

Etymology: animal + alimentation (food)

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Created by: Mirandala


Sentence: When I see a fresh bowl of Meow Mix, I can't help but mastikibble a little.

Etymology: masticate + kibble

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Created by: johnnyrockett

Pronunciation: An-a-meal

Sentence: Phil shared a hearty animeal of chicken with his cat.

Etymology: Animal+meal.

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