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'That idiot has finally been fired?'

DEFINITION: n. A mixture of delight and guilt felt when a colleague, whom you despise, suffers a misfortune. v. To feel bad about feeling good when something bad happens to someone who is definitely not good.

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Created by: porsche

Pronunciation: con/grat/u/deg/rah/day/shuns

Sentence: Congratudegradations on your transfer to the unemployment line - hope you have a nice trip

Etymology: congratulations + degradation

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Created by: artr

Pronunciation: glēmôrs

Sentence: When her rival was caught cheating Sarah felt a deep sense of gleemorse. The only thing that could make her feel better/worse would be if she had been the one to report it.

Etymology: glee (great delight) + remorse (deep regret or guilt for a wrong committed)

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Created by: remistram

Pronunciation: kar-mah-hap

Sentence: When Tish found out that her ex-boss Larry broke his neck while skiing, she felt such overwhelming karmahap that she actually wrote something kind in his well card, despite the fact that when she worked for him years ago he repeatedly told her she was fat and had body odor.

Etymology: karma + happy

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Created by: artr

Pronunciation: blisfôrchən

Sentence: Marcia moved ahead because of the blissfortune of others. She tried her best to feel pity when her arch rival Tom accidentally sent a scathing e-mail to the boss but all she could muster was giddy.

Etymology: bliss (perfect happiness; great joy) + misfortune (bad luck)


Blissfortune is perfect for the definition. I'm impressed (again)! - splendiction, 2009-10-09: 21:57:00


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Created by: ShaggE


Sentence: "I felt a bit of sympaglee when the guy who kept stealing my pens was fired."

Etymology: Sympathy+ Glee


Good word! Totally understandable without a Verbotomy dictionary. - purpleartichokes, 2007-03-23: 14:30:00


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Created by: Sed8ed

Pronunciation: core-praw-dic-shun

Sentence: When Lena got the promotion her devious and spiteful colleague had been manuevering for, she first let out a YIPPPPEEEE, then felt a flush of corpradiction for being so openly gleeful.

Etymology: corp from corporate + radiction from contradiction

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Created by: catgrin

Pronunciation: shool-de-shahd-n-froi-duh

Sentence: Kathy'd thought of herself as a "mean girl" so her schuldeschadenfreude at Betty's car accident (Betty'd always flaunted that Mercedes!) was something of a shock.

Etymology: Basically a compound German word, this is based on a combination of "Schuld" (guilt) and "Schadenfreude" (pleasure at the misfortune of others) which is an already accepted, and surprisingly rarely used word in the English language.


I schuld've known! - Alchemist, 2007-03-23: 07:40:00


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Created by: ErWenn

Pronunciation: /sməˈkaʊskəpəˌθi/

Sentence: I was filled with smykowskipathy, for it was the only time the judge's decided in my favor and als the only time that I didn't deserve it.

Etymology: From Tom Smykowski (the annoying coworker from _Office Space_ who suffers a nasty accident) and -pathy (as in sympathy and empathy)

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Created by: ziggy41

Pronunciation: (ah-more-fish)

Sentence: The amorhpish waiter threw down her tray with pleasure as she saw her boss writhe with pain.

Etymology: From the Latin "amor" (to love) and the early Greek "phish" (phony).

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Created by: Mustang

Pronunciation: ROO-glee

Sentence: Miranda was struck with rueglee over the sudden misfortune that came to her friend Louise, the woman she loves to hate.

Etymology: Blend of 'Rue' (v. to feel sorrow over; repent of; regret bitterl and 'Glee' (n. open delight or pleasure; exultant joy; exultation)


wow. much better than my own. - chaok, 2012-07-19: 19:16:00


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Verbotomy Verbotomy - 2007-03-23: 00:57:00
Today's definition was suggested by Discoveria.
Thank you Discoveria! ~ James

Discoveria - 2007-03-23: 10:56:00
That was quick...

ErWenn - 2007-03-23: 10:56:00
Don't really know how to top schuldeshadenfreude here.

mplsbohemian - 2007-03-24: 22:20:00
The trouble is that there is a word for this in English: schadenfreude.

Discoveria - 2007-03-26: 12:07:00
I've been told already. catgrin and James decided that schadenfreude refers to the satisfaction, and this verboticism refers to feeling guilt over having that satisfaction.

Verbotomy Verbotomy - 2007-03-26: 23:54:00
Hey mplsbohemian, Alchemist summed it up nicely with etymology for Guiltenfreude: "schadenfreude (pleasure at the misfortune of others) with guilt."

Verbotomy Verbotomy - 2009-10-09: 00:12:00
Today's definition was suggested by Discoveria. Thank you Discoveria. ~ James