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'Do you really think I'm cute?'

DEFINITION: To flirt with a purpose or ulterior motive -- as opposed to casual flirting, which is just for fun.

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Created by: ErWenn

Pronunciation: /m&n-"ip-U-'lust/

Sentence: Casanova prayed that his case would be assigned a female judge, or at least a gay male judge, so that he might manipulust his way into a good plea bargain.

Etymology: from manipulate + lust

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Created by: Stump


Sentence: Once he gained entrance to VIP areas Kevin was the biggest goldverter the world had seen.

Etymology: From the colliquial 'Gold Digger' and covert.

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Created by: jania773


Sentence: Amy got that new position using her flirtication skills.


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Created by: redrockmullet

Pronunciation: Flurtentshion

Sentence: Using her powers of flirtention, the bar fly garnished a refill of her Shirley Temple.

Etymology: To Flirt with intent.

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Created by: erasmus

Pronunciation: flirt ef looze

Sentence: jane tried to flirtiflooze with bob. It was'nt working.

Etymology: from flirting and flirtation and also being a floozy and draping yourself over someone for compliments

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Created by: Thunderfoot

Pronunciation: Moh-tih-vahmp

Sentence: Julie used her v-neck dress to motivamp the suckers at the bar to get her drinks.

Etymology: Motivate + vamp

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Created by: Fenners



Etymology: I want to flirtilize you

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Created by: Topper


Sentence: that girl is mantisizing Jerry; he doesn't stand a chance.

Etymology: Refers to a Praying mantis, the male of which, once wooed, is beheaded.

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Created by: wiccanfey

Pronunciation: Cruel-tear-e-or-flert-tay-shun

Sentence: The popular cheerleader was a master of cruelteriorflirtation and always had a line of men just waiting to get her a drink.

Etymology: Cruel, ulterior, flirtation

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Created by: ensoul1


Sentence: That wink was so flirtentional. She just wanted to get into the party.

Etymology: flirt + intentional

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jennw2ns jennw2ns - 2006-12-20: 18:43:00

danboaz - 2006-12-20: 22:30:00
Verbotomy, can you explan the ranking scores. I am mystified Dan boaz

Verbotomy Verbotomy - 2006-12-21: 03:57:00
Hey danbaoz, The ranking pages show the final player scores for each week. (Players collect points for each word they create, and the get points for each vote they cast.) Currently this list does not show live data, but it has been updated as of Wednesday December 20th. (I am working on this, so we should be able to show live results soon...) By the way, if you check the stats, you will see the you are doing very well this week --- you're in second place, just behind Darthwader! Good luck for the rest of the week! ~ James