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'Don't worry. I'm not asleep. I'm meditating.'

DEFINITION: n. A state of heightened, subconscious awareness that allows drivers to "safely" navigate and control a vehicle without watching the road. v. To drive without bothering to watch where you are going.

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Created by: brittmojo

Pronunciation: Non osis pilot

Sentence: The driver tended to be a nonosispilot.

Etymology: Non - not Osis- action Pilot- one who steers

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Created by: username

Pronunciation: sôk-rāt-ĭk-hĭp-nōs-ätō-pûr-ā-shən

Sentence: When Paige is on a long straight road and did not get enough sleep, she uses socratichypnosautoperation believing that she will remain safe.

Etymology: socratic- derived from the Greek philosopher Socrates meaning "having safe might" Hypnos- the Greek root hypnos means "sleep" auto- shortened/derived from automobile meaning "automobile" operation- to operate

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Created by: DGRosetti




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Created by: Ahmad

Pronunciation: siks-sensee-gaet

Sentence: Last night after the party, William's driving was totally a sixsensigate becuase he was drunk.

Etymology: six was taken from sixth and sens was taken from sense. sixth sense is an imaginary sense which is believed to work when the other five fail.gate is taken from a word navigate means to, to move through sixth sense when rest of the sense are morbid or work less efficiently.

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Created by: sammrorkeydork

Pronunciation: med a pi let

Sentence: I was driving home in heavy traffic, and I went into a medipiloet sage. I was super duperly relaxed and could drive anywhere anytime!

Etymology: medi - meditation piolet - driver

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Created by: galwaywegian

Pronunciation: trans port

Sentence: her new method of tranceport was more incarcoma than carcinoma, but was nonetheless fairly life threatening.

Etymology: trance, transport


erasmus oohh very good. - erasmus, 2007-03-13: 07:01:00

Love it! I totally tranceported this weekend, on my way home from the bar. - Sketchy, 2007-03-13: 21:45:00

That's a great combination of concepts. - jedijawa, 2007-03-14: 10:03:00


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Created by: tonya87

Pronunciation: Sn-oo-z-ear

Sentence: Sometimes when I am stressed I can't help but snoozeer

Etymology: Snooze/steer

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Created by: deannewby

Pronunciation: s-eye-con

Sentence: My psycon took over, and I was soon home without even realising it

Etymology: Psy, from Psychic indicating a mental/subsconcious ability. Con, from Control, as in being in control of something.

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Created by: zachclute




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Created by: EffingCharms

Pronunciation: Med-i- drive

Sentence: When she Medidrives, she makes less comments about how the other drivers are, well... driving.

Etymology: Medi is from meditate, meaning to meditate, be in a completely relaxed state.

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Verbotomy Verbotomy - 2007-03-13: 01:00:29
Today's definition was suggested by purpleartichokes.
Thank you purpleartichokes! ~ James

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Today's definition was suggested by purpleartichokes. Thank you purpleartichokes. ~ James