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'This cupcake is evil! I must destroy it, before it destroys me.'

DEFINITION: v. To follow a diet with such rigor and fervor that it consumes all your energy, and throws everything, even your desserts, out of proportion. n. A person who thinks too much about what they eat.

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Created by: rikboyee

Pronunciation: ill-odj-ick-al-or-ee

Sentence: she knew she was being illogicalorie, but how could she be sure the 'carb-free' lunch was really 'carb-free''s not like she had some magic carbohydrate detector...oh god how she longed for a magic carbohydrate detector.....safer just to skip lunch

Etymology: illogical, calorie

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Created by: adbern

Pronunciation: Tri-nime

Sentence: ooohhwww I want, but it's trinime

Etymology: tricky nice meal

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Created by: Osomatic

Pronunciation: Cal-or-ob-SESS-ed

Sentence: She's so calorbsessed that she won't even be in the same room with a piece of cake.

Etymology: calorie + obsessed

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Created by: Nosila

Pronunciation: om nee dev owr

Sentence: Jasmine was such an omnidevhour to her latest food fad regime that she timed herself to eat precisely every 45 minutes for 50 calories worth of food. She gave up her real life as she knew was do or diet!

Etymology: Omnivore (someone who eats all and everything) & Devour (eat)& Devotee (believer) & Hour (every hour)

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Created by: felix42




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Created by: jedijawa

Pronunciation: atkin - ize

Sentence: Jill would Atkinize over her diet plans to the point of messing herself up.

Etymology: Atikins + ize

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Created by: galwaywegian


Sentence: woman destroys donut shop in fit of calorage


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Created by: loosepiece

Pronunciation: deb - ILL - i - cake

Sentence: Samanthas quest to achieve the perfect weight was proving to be debilicaking. Even the smallest fairy cake took on monstrous proportions by the end of diet day 2.

Etymology: debilitate - to weaken, or encumber cake - the foodsutff designed to make you weaken. But they are evil, EVIL i tell you!

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Created by: whimsy


Sentence: Her daily dietiquette proceedings consisted of raving at the dessert cake as she ate her salad.

Etymology: diet + etiquette

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Created by: kankamuso


Sentence: Every January Jane makes the resolution of dieting. She usually just exaltarvate till February 1st.

Etymology: Exalt + Starvation

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