Verboticism: Shushpuppy

'I'm getting my vocal cords tuned!'

DEFINITION: n. A non-threatening term to describe the procedure of cutting vocal cords on yappy dogs, which makes it sound like a good thing -- after all, they will never bark again. v. To remove the vocal chords.

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Created by: chofu67

Pronunciation: shush/pup/pee

Sentence: Shushpuppy is a humane procedure that will enable your dog to accompany you anywhere without being a nuisance - he would thank you for it (if he could)

Etymology: shush (to silence)+ hushpuppy

Points: 530

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Comments: Shushpuppy

chofu67 - 2007-01-30: 11:11:00
Sorry Jabberwocky, I did not realize that after my entry triggered a "Join shushpuppy group" I would be listed for the same submittal you had already entered. I expected to be able to try to enter another word.

Jabberwocky - 2007-01-30: 11:21:00
no problem chofus67 - We probably thought of it at the same time - I wonder if that means we can vote for each other...

Verbotomy - 2007-01-30: 11:35:00
Hey Chofu67 and Jabberwocky, Great minds think alike! Nevertheless, I was thinking of removing the "join group" function. What do you think?

Jabberwocky - 2007-01-30: 12:05:00
It's fine with me either way - from Chofu67's comment, it sounds as if it was accidental anyway. It may happen though that a group decides to put in a word together and would appreciate the option

chofu67 - 2007-01-30: 12:44:00
Now that I know what "join group" means, I probably won't use that function again, so it could stay or go.

ErWenn - 2007-01-30: 20:58:00
Looks like you guys had roughly the same idea I did.

Jabberwocky - 2007-01-31: 08:42:00
I think it was the picture - it reminded me of the old hush puppy commercials