Verboticism: Deadicated

'Don't worry, it's snot on your files.'

DEFINITION: v. To be so hardworking and dedicated to your job that you come to work even when you're sick and dangerously infectious. n. A person who comes to work sneezing, coughing, contagious, and sick as a dog.

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Created by: galwaywegian

Pronunciation: ded ick ay ted

Sentence: He was so deadicated he to emptying ths in-tray, that he managed to clear out the entire department as well

Etymology: dedicated, dead

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Comments: Deadicated

artr - 2010-07-08: 11:57:00
With enough deadication you can continue to work after you die. Sort of a coasting effect.

Nosila - 2010-07-09: 00:35:00
Deadicated...that's why they call computers "terminals"!