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Created by: karenanne

Definition: v., To write an email while under the influence of an intoxicating substance. n., An email or blog post where the author has chosen to ignore standard literary and social conventions -- thanks to a liberal consumption of alcohol.

Pronunciation: GROG blog

Sentence: Sherry enjoyed amusing herself each morning by reading posts she had written the night before, when she was, as it usually happened, heavily under the influence of various spirits. She even started her own social networking site for people like herself - it was called ShitFaceBook. Anyone who was registered could add an entry, which were known as GrogBlogs and were typically rambling and more or less incoherent. At least this was all very funny until the morning she read the new segment she, or someone, had apparently added to her profile the night before, the one entitled "Cocktales," in which her conquests of recent evenings had been outlined ....

Etymology: grog (alcoholic beverage) + blog (from Web + log: a personal chronological log of thoughts published on a Web page)

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Nosila - 2010-04-20: 23:34:00
cheersh! Hiccup