Verboticism: Lushtritionist

'Please don't eat that stuff in front of me.'

DEFINITION: v., To eat a strictly regulated diet in order to compensate for a complete lack of control when it comes to drinking. n., A smoker and drinker who becomes a vegan in order to "reverse the damage".

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Created by: Stevenson0

Pronunciation: lush/trish-uh/ist

Sentence: Jenny became a lushtritionist who quite successfully combined a very strict high protein and vegetable diet with her litre a day tequila lunches.

Etymology: LUSHTRITIONIST - noun - from LUSH (drunkard; alcoholic; sot) + NUTRITIONIST (the science, or study of nutrition)

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Comments: Lushtritionist

davrand - 2018-02-06: 21:24:00
I liked your word because it could easily be a career, a half-assed life coach to the unmotivated and unlikely to change.