Verboticism: Slobajob

'Mommy, is Daddy playing dead again?'

DEFINITION: v. To be physically overcome by a sudden illness, disability, or even death when asked to participate in unrewarding activities -- like work, or household chores. n. A person who gets sick when asked to work.

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Created by: scrabbelicious

Pronunciation: slob-a-job

Sentence: Uri was such a slobajob, well able to make a mess but incapable of cleaning one up.

Etymology: Messy recycling of 1) Slob, somebody who would live in the own excrement and 2) Bob-a-job, to do a small task in return for a reward, especially by boy scouts.

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Comments: Slobajob

jrogan - 2009-08-04: 07:21:00
I know a few slobajobs... But I refuse to clean up after them. (Actually I just pretend to refuse, because I can't stand the mess.)