Verboticism: Youthenize

'My bikini still fits!'

DEFINITION: n. A person in deep denial who crams into their old clothing which is now somewhat unflattering, and perhaps several sizes too small. v. To wear clothing from your "younger days" just to prove that you still got it.

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Created by: hyperborean

Pronunciation: yooth-en-ize

Sentence: Whenever Syl would youthenize, Morty just wished he was dead.

Etymology: youth (the condition or quality of being young) + euthanize (the act of painlessly ending the life of a person for reasons of mercy)

Points: 1295

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Comments: Youthenize

hyperborean - 2009-05-11: 09:03:00
Thanks for using my photograph for today's cartoon. (Just kidding.)

DrWebster111 - 2009-05-12: 21:41:00
short, (sweet )and fast , packs the punch, like a ninja