Verboticism: Chipbunk

'There's a donut in your DVD Tray!'

DEFINITION: n. A hiding place which is used to store emergency supplies like donuts, booze and candies. v. To hide special treats in secret locations around your home or office, so you can access them when needed.

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Created by: artr

Pronunciation: chipbəngk

Sentence: When Chip's brother went off to college the bedroom was all his. The first thing he did was to squirrel away some of his favorite snacks. He could never do this before because his brother would always ferret them out. He had cookies in shoe boxes in his closet - gummy bears in his sock drawer. He found that he could replace his brother's pillow with bags of chips. He took over the upper berth so he now had Chip's bunk and a chipbunk.

Etymology: chip (a thin slice of food made crisp by being fried, baked, or dried and typically eaten as a snack) + bunk (a piece of furniture consisting of two beds, one above the other, that form a unit)

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Comments: Chipbunk

Mustang - 2009-03-18: 19:21:00
Makes me hungry just reading about it. Good word!