Verboticism: Sneakspeak

'But why did you say

DEFINITION: v. To win approval by carefully omitting any and all facts which may put the "correct" decision in jeopardy. n. A form of persuasion, or perhaps deceit, which is based on selective omissions.

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Created by: mweinmann

Pronunciation: sneek - speek

Sentence: Over the years, Lucy had perfected the art of sneakspeak. She learned to feed people bits and pieces of a story, leaving out things that she thought people would disapprove of just to they would not think badly of her....By the time they found out all the facts years later, it no longer had the negative impact she feared.

Etymology: Sneak + Sneak Peek + Speak >> Sneak (to go stealthily or furtively) + Sneak Peek (A preview, especially of something not yet public) Speak (use language, talk: express in speech)

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