Verboticism: Canineditiontwister

'Sit! Sit! Sit!'

DEFINITION: n. A person who has difficulty controlling their pets, especially if they often become entangled in the leashes. v. To get entangled in the leashes of one's pets.

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Created by: chaiandallthatjazz

Pronunciation: kay-nIn-ed-i-shun-twister

Sentence: Introducing Canineditiontwister. That's you! in this new version of Twister, the "industry phenomenon" that's sold millions around the globe. The new twister is a game of solitare for you, and the first ever fun-packed adventure for your dogs. They're the game pieces in this new edition! In the box: 5 leashes and a pair of scissors, playing guide for dogs and humans (including a link to downloadable map of your neighborhood where you're sure to find a lot of rukus raising scenery for your dogs. (Dogs sold separately.) Must be 18 or older to purchase, or this high (line draw on wall in commercial 5 feet off ground). Play at your own risk. Children seek permission from parents.

Etymology: Twister (popular game) + edition (version) + canine: Any domestic or wild dog or doglike mammal in the family Canidae, found throughout the world except in Antarctica and on most ocean islands. Canines tend to be slender and long-legged, with a long muzzle, bushy tail, erect pointed ears, and well-developed canine and cheek teeth. **They prey on all types of animals**; some also eat carrion and vegetable matter. They probably were the first animals to be domesticated. Though helpful in controlling rodent and rabbit populations, canines have been hunted for their pelts and slaughtered to prevent their reputed (and sometimes real) destruction of livestock and large game.

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