Verboticism: Leashlash

'Sit! Sit! Sit!'

DEFINITION: n. A person who has difficulty controlling their pets, especially if they often become entangled in the leashes. v. To get entangled in the leashes of one's pets.

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Created by: splendiction

Pronunciation: LEASH lash

Sentence: The imprudence of having four dogs dawned on Susie when she was left alone early one morning to walk the dogs. She could have taken each one out separately, but instead boldly harnessed each dog onto a separate leash. Susie closed the door and they were off! They veered left, then suddenly ran circles every which way, giving Susie leashlashes to her ankles. OOOuch! The four dogs hopped and jumped, entagled in their knot of leashes. Susie let go of all the leashes and mouthed a swear word. The dogs struggled in a tangle so she managed to unclip the four leashes. The dogs continued to walk gracefully up the street.

Etymology: Leashlash n or v. From: leash, to keep on a cord; and lash, the action of whipping back, out or at someone.

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Comments: Leashlash

silveryaspen - 2009-02-03: 08:48:00
'leashlashes to her ankles' ... great way to express it ... great verbotomy.