Verboticism: Disputin

'See! See! I was right, wasn't I!'

DEFINITION: n., The immense sense of self-satisfaction the one gets from winning a pointless argument. v., To be so addicted to proving yourself right that you argue compulsively, and endlessly, about anything and everything.

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Created by: artr

Pronunciation: disˈpyoōtin

Sentence: Victor's detractors referred to him as Disputin. He seemed to revel in any opportunity to jump in on a debate. Whatever opinion someone expressed, he was all too ready to take up the opposing argument. It didn't matter how trivial the point, he would hammer his rival into submission. The only thing worse his assault was the gloating that followed.

Etymology: dispute (a disagreement, argument, or debate) + Rasputin (Russian monk. He exerted great influence over Tsar Nicholas II and his family during World War I known for his powers of elocution)

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Comments: Disputin

Mustang - 2008-11-10: 06:55:00
Can't argue over a dispute about Rasputin....

OZZIEBOB - 2008-11-11: 03:45:00
Very interesting blend

Jabberwocky - 2008-11-11: 08:01:00
great word

rombus - 2008-11-11: 10:52:00
simple yet so meaningful....

libertybelle - 2008-11-11: 12:28:00
excellent word!! This is one for the dictionary!