Verboticism: Retailiate

'That cake is so dry it's completely indigestible!'

DEFINITION: n., The fear that your service representative will retaliate after you have complained. v., To be afraid of bad service because you complained about it.

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Created by: artr

Pronunciation: rēˌtālēˌāt

Sentence: Richard already felt like the bottom rung on the ladder, working as a clerk in a discount shoe store. When a customer snapped her fingers and demanding immediate attention and referring to him as "Hey you", he knew he had to retailiate. First he made sure that each shoe he brought out was a half size smaller or narrower than what she needed. The ones she really loved were always out of stock. When she finally found a pair that she could shove her hoof into, he took her purchase to the register and mis-entered her information so that the transaction was rejected and he could announce in a not-too-quiet voice, "Mam, your card has been declined, do you have another?" The look on her face made all the aggravation worth it.

Etymology: retail: the sale of goods to the public in relatively small quantities for use or consumption rather than for resale + retaliate: make an attack or assault in return for a similar attack

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Comments: Retailiate

wayoffcenter - 2008-10-28: 07:00:00
I know this clerk. What a jerk!

Jabberwocky - 2008-10-28: 13:02:00
you've obviously suffered through a retail job at some time - great word

metrohumanx - 2008-10-28: 17:39:00