Verboticism: Snackgash



Created by: metrohumanx

Definition: n., A cut, or puncture wound on the roof of the mouth inflicted while consuming dangerously crunchy-sharp foods, like potato chips. v., To cut the roof your mouth while eating extra crispy snack foods.

Pronunciation: SNACK-gash

Sentence: Maxine couldn'r resist eating just one more potato chip- the kind with the specially designed abrasive ridges whose corrugated strength was allegedly able to withstand the heaviest loads of tangy dip. With a cold shriek Maxine bolted from the picnic area, clutching her wounded palate and pride, She had experienced the bane of hasty snackers...the SNACKGASH ! SNACKGASHING is believed to account for the statistically large increase in emergency room admissions each barbecue season, although, like cell-phone car crashes, few would actually admit it. The recommended treatment for SNACKGASHES is to avoid tailgate parties, convenience stores and company picnics for at least a month.

Etymology: SNACK:a light meal : food eaten between regular meals, usually salty but often hazardous;Middle English snak bite, from snaken to bite, perhaps from Middle Dutch snacken to snap at.....GASH:a deep long cut in flesh,a deep narrow depression or cut often self-inflicted through the careless use of snack foods.

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