Verboticism: Chiprip


Created by: Stevenson0

Definition: n., A cut, or puncture wound on the roof of the mouth inflicted while consuming dangerously crunchy-sharp foods, like potato chips. v., To cut the roof your mouth while eating extra crispy snack foods.

Pronunciation: chip/rip

Sentence: The tasty pleasure of eating sour cream and onion potato chips goes out the window when you painfully chiprip the roof of your mouth.

Etymology: CHIPRIP - verb - from CHIPS as in potato chips) + RIP (to cut, or tear apart in a rough, or vigorous manner)

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Comments: Chiprip

Mustang - 2008-10-23: 07:10:00
Good one!

Nosila - 2008-10-23: 20:34:00
Been there, done that...good word!