Verboticism: Erodency


Created by: OZZIEBOB

Definition: n., A wear mark, or shiny spot, which appears on a heavily used computer touch-pad, mouse or keyboard. v., To wear down or erode through repetitive clicking, tapping or poking.

Pronunciation: i-ROHD-uh n-see

Sentence: Bob lived in constant state of click-button erodency with an abrashining mouse and a repitritious keyboard.

Etymology: Blend of "E" for a system of world-wide electronic communication;as in email etc., RODENT: from Mod.L. rodentia, the order name, from L. rodentem (nom. rodens), prp. of rodere "to gnaw, eat away," like a "mouse" and CY: state or condition.

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Comments: Erodency

Jabberwocky - 2008-10-17: 11:52:00

TJayzz - 2008-10-17: 14:17:00
Good one!!