Verboticism: Saleaneous

'If we buy 100 we'll save over $7000!'

DEFINITION: v., To believe you're saving money by buying things which are on sale even if you don't really want or need them. n., A person who believes they are saving their money whenever they buy something on sale.

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Created by: MissRabbit

Pronunciation: Sale-ayn-ee-ous

Sentence: Katie was a saleaneous shopper - it didn't matter how unnecessary the item, or how many needed to be purchased to attain a discount, she would buy it with a smile and believe wholeheartedly she was actually saving money.

Etymology: From (on) sale: at a discounted price; and spontaneous: impulsive

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Comments: Saleaneous

zxvasdf - 2008-10-15: 10:36:00
It also resembles salacious, if one dabbled in such bargain deals of adult variety. :)

Nosila - 2008-10-15: 20:27:00
time to sale-abrate

metrohumanx - 2008-10-17: 07:49:00
Very worthy word!