Verboticism: Exappeal

'Wow! She never looked that good when I was dating her...'

DEFINITION: n., A syndrome afflicting the recently separated in which the "ex" (i.e. ex-boyfriend, ex-girlfriend, ex-husband, or even an ex-mother-in-law) appears to be more attractive than ever before. v., To be attracted to your "ex".

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Created by: hooterbug

Pronunciation: ex/ap┬Ěpeal

Sentence: Marvin couldnt quite get over the fact that his old girlfriend Marla had such exappeal at the company Christmas party. He very much regretted that Marla had taken him up on his suggestion that she needed to get her "sexy back" by getting very large and noticeable breast implants.

Etymology: Combination of Ex and Sex-appeal (Physical attractiveness or personal qualities that arouse others sexually)

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