Verboticism: Intimitermination

'Don't worry, if I get terribly randy...'

DEFINITION: n. The fear that you will be outsourced, downsized, unassigned, or separated (one way or another) from your weekly paycheck. v. To use the threat of outsourcing and downsizing to manage and motivate your team.

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Created by: Jabberwocky

Pronunciation: in/tim/i/tur/mim/ay/shun

Sentence: The boss kept his employees working unpaid overtime with intimitermination techniques. If they didn't reach their quotas a new team would replace them.

Etymology: intimidation + intimate (hint) + termination

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Comments: Intimitermination

Rutilus - 2008-05-30: 14:12:00
Good mix - like it

wordmeister - 2008-05-30: 13:54:00
Interesting and intimidating!!

mikeysfbay - 2008-05-30: 18:56:00
Having been intimitermed a coupla times myself, I couldn't help but vote for this. Good job!

Mustang - 2008-05-30: 22:19:00
I sprained my tongue and split a lip saying intimitermination but I like it anyway!