Verboticism: Folkwhisperer

'Now be a good boy, and pick up your socks'

DEFINITION: v. To use animal training techniques to improve and direct the behavior of other people. n. A technique which uses the principles of animal training to solve a human behavioral riddle.

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Created by: Nosila

Pronunciation: foke whis per er

Sentence: Abby decided to use her skills as a Horse Whisperer on her human family to see if the methods brought the same great results they had with her equine clients. With a large carrot, she approached her son Marvin cautiously, when he was again tying up her phone for hours. She bent close to his open ear, stroked his adolescent face gently and whispered the calming words which had the desired affect:"Get off that darn phone now or I will jam this carrot into your other ear!" At once he hung up and ran for his room. Yes, using Folkwhisperer methods worked every time... it wasn't tough love, but pavlove!

Etymology: folk (people in general)& the horse whisperer (a person who tames and trains horses by gentle methods and speech)

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Comments: Folkwhisperer

Tigger - 2008-05-19: 02:49:00
'Pavloved' your story! Too funny! My conditioned response was to LOL...

stache - 2008-05-19: 13:13:00
you might not believe it but I didn't read youir sentence before I posted.

Nosila - 2008-05-19: 16:54:00
I believe you, stache...not the first time great minds have thought alike...