Verboticism: Misconfidosis


Created by: arrrteest

Definition: v. To focus on your weaknesses, rather than your strengths. n. A person who is obsessed with their perceived deficiencies, and works hard to ensure that everyone else understands and appreciates their failings.

Pronunciation: miss-conf-ih-doh-sis

Sentence: Jeff's misconfidosis could easily be explained by what he had seen around him. Whenever his bosses ever messed up, they ended up getting promoted.

Etymology: mis,prefix meaning "bad, wrong" + confident, sure of one's self + osis, suffix expressing state or condition, in medical terminology denoting "a state of disease"

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Comments: Misconfidosis

arrrteest - 2008-04-29: 01:05:00
The old addage here is F-up, move up!