Verboticism: Kleptoclintonism

'Yes we can! Yes she can!'

DEFINITION: v. To adopt other people's words, phrases and linguistic stylings, and then try to make them your own by subtlety altering the syntax. n. A borrowed and butchered phrase

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Created by: green


Sentence: 'Yes she can' is just one example of ballsy kleptoclintonism. Hillary thinks voters are so dumb we don't recognize her light-fingered mouth.

Etymology: kleptomaniac plus clinton

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Comments: Kleptoclintonism

arrrteest - 2008-04-25: 19:07:00
You could have said five-fingered mouth. (5-fingered discount for those scratching their heads)

OZZIEBOB - 2008-04-26: 19:05:00
Stealing wasn't Bills problem