Verboticism: Velociteedoff



Created by: petaj

Definition: n. A driver who ignores the rules of the road by driving very slowly (i.e. at the legal limit) in the fast lane. v. To strictly observe the "suggested" speed limits, even when using the fast lane.

Pronunciation: ve-loss-a-teed-off

Sentence: Melinda changed down another gear, cursed at length and then resorted to deep breathing. But as long as she was checked by the responsible, law abiding and safe driver in front of her, she would suffer the effects of being velociteedoff.

Etymology: velocity + teed off

Points: 578

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Comments: Velociteedoff

Jabberwocky - 2008-04-07: 12:52:00

Mustang - 2008-04-08: 03:14:00
Good word.