Verboticism: Rebutthead

'Look out! Here comes a truck!'

DEFINITION: v. To habitually object to and contradict other people's statements, especially if they include any facts or opinions. n. A person who finds fault what other people say no matter what it is, and lets them know it.

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Created by: Tigger

Pronunciation: /ri-BUHT-hed/

Sentence: Lyle was such a rebutthead that he started an argument with the mugger who was trying to rob him, telling him that he wasn't holding the gun correctly. At first Lyle tried to demonstrate with his empty hands but the criminal was incompetent, and Lyle told him so. Frustrated, he reached for the gun to show the mugger again. Lyle is finally out of Intensive Care and recuperating nicely, although he's driving the doctors and nurses crazy.

Etymology: Rebut - to refute by evidence or argument (from Old French, rebuter "to thrust back") + Butthead - a stupid or inept person (slang: buttheads often "butt heads" with other people, but the 'anal' connotation is clear. Also, Beavis' buddy)

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Comments: Rebutthead

Nosila - 2008-03-11: 01:20:00
Tigger, I hope the nurses and doctors gave him large needles in his rebutt!

ErWenn - 2008-03-11: 01:34:00
Good word.

stache - 2008-03-11: 15:02:00
very funny word and sentence.

OZZIEBOB - 2008-03-11: 19:10:00
Thoroughly enjoyable.

Jamagra - 2008-03-11: 20:30:00

diyan627 - 2008-03-11: 21:06:00
That's a good one!

silveryaspen - 2008-03-11: 21:21:00
Sentence and word ... clever and fun ... great pun! Marvelous creation!