Verboticism: Foodgganut

'I ate ten bowls of cereal before I was satisfied.'

DEFINITION: To eat your favorite food, not because you are hungry, but because you are feeling sad or lonely.

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Created by: trioptimum

Pronunciation: ther-uh-PEE-ting

Sentence: Three bowls of macaroni cheese later, Clive still wasn't in the mood to stop therapeating.

Etymology: eating + therapy/therapeutic


Love it :) - Lurky2000, 2007-09-05: 05:35:00


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Created by: skepsis

Pronunciation: blub-ume

Sentence: Charlie would blubbume after every game he lost.

Etymology: blubber and consume

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Created by: angus

Pronunciation: in-dee-PREST

Sentence: I was home alone with nothing to do on a Friday night so I indeprested an entire bag of doritos.

Etymology: ingest + depress

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Created by: leeannhamers

Pronunciation: dip-ill-ja

Sentence: i hate my body so i depilge

Etymology: depression/ bilge

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Created by: Jeaneai

Pronunciation: Comfirtmunch

Sentence: After Melinda lost her job, she comfortmunched for two days and gained a lot of weight subsequently.

Etymology: Comfort and Much

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Created by: recessivejean


Sentence: After Joe got fired, all he did for a week was sit around in his boxers and glunch on cereal and ramen.

Etymology: gl/unch from gloom + munch

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Created by: OZZIEBOB

Pronunciation: gloom-EST-ee-bul

Sentence: When tristorexic Roxie told Bob that she wanted a divorce, he became gloomestible and started eating like a sumo wrestler. His friends tried to help him so he wouldn't noshalone, but their time was taken up phoning for takeaway to grubslake this gobindreary melancolivore.

Etymology: Blending of Gloom, comestible (with the suffix meaning "given to"): "given to eating/eatibles while feeling sad & gloomly).

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Created by: noztril

Pronunciation: seyv-yer ey-shuhs

Sentence: Stan's sorrow was lightened by his savioracious appetite.

Etymology: savior + voracious

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Created by: elron

Pronunciation: cum-for-treet

Sentence: After I lost my job, my house burned down, my dog got hit by a truck, and my whole family was killed in a horrible industrial accident, I grabbed my Ben & Jerry's Chunky Monkey to comfortreat.

Etymology: comfort + treat

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Created by: thebudman

Pronunciation: ee-mO-nur-ish-ment

Sentence: Even though I just ate, I couldn't help but engage in some good ol' emonourishment when I got home after my best friend told me he would be moving to Alaska.

Etymology: Emotional + Nourishment

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