Verboticism: Sugarwhore

'This donut is so good!'

DEFINITION: v. To enjoy, or derive physical pleasure from, the eating of sweets and other sugared substances -- often leads to over-consumption. n. Pleasure derived from the consumption of sweets.

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Created by: msokoloffster

Pronunciation: Gruh - bri - kate

Sentence: She bought powder sugar and oil in order to grubricate.

Etymology: Unknown...

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Created by: deviant

Pronunciation: Ho-mer-eat-er

Sentence: Whenever D'Oh Nuts are on the menu he always homereats, he's a complete homereater!

Etymology: Homer, father of the Simpson family is the originator of this affliction.

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Created by: wniffene

Pronunciation: Smore-gasm

Sentence: Those cookies gave me a total smorgasm.

Etymology: S'more+Orgasm

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Created by: DoctorManhattan

Pronunciation: 'glü-'kO-v&r-"dOs

Sentence: "If you eat all those deep-fried Twinkies, you're going to glucoverdose."

Etymology: From Greek "gleukos" meaning "sweet wine" + from Old English "over" + from Greek and Latin "dosis" meaning "gift".


Deep fried twinkies? That sounds good! - wordmeister, 2006-12-15: 17:25:00

I know. There was this restaurant in L.A. that would sell them, but every time we went there they were closed for one reason or another (family emergencies (heart attacks?), etc.) and then they finally closed permanently, so I never got a chance to try o - DoctorManhattan, 2006-12-17: 14:35:00

ne. By all reports, they were exquisite, though. Guess I'll have to try it myself one of these days. - DoctorManhattan, 2006-12-17: 14:36:00


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Created by: Vircsi




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Created by: brokemonkey

Pronunciation: Soo-cro-fee-lee-uh

Sentence: John, a life-long sucrophiliac, is the candy store's best customer.

Etymology: Sucros (sugar molecule) + Philia (love of)


Perfect! - Morwen, 2006-12-19: 05:49:00


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Created by: Rocky

Pronunciation: gorj|I|fy

Sentence: Larry's hair turns green and he experiences epileptic tremors when he is sufficiently gorgified.

Etymology: Gorge | Satisfy

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Created by: artr

Pronunciation: glēkōs

Sentence: After a Krispy Kreme binge, John thought he might need to check his gleecose level. He was especially concerned when he nicked himself shaving and found that his blood was crystallizing. When he went out for his morning run, he was swarmed by bees but instead of being stung the bees seemed to be licking him.

Etymology: glee (great delight) + glucose (a simple sugar that is an important energy source in living organisms and is a component of many carbohydrates)


great word!! - mweinmann, 2009-08-05: 07:58:00

Sweet word! Makes me giggle - jrogan, 2009-08-05: 12:29:00


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Created by: ShadeWolf


Sentence: I'm going to utterly sugcaralateomize this dessert menu.


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Created by: jania773


Sentence: I meant to only have a small taste, but before I knew it I had glorged again.


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