Verboticism: Cellebrity

'I'm calling to tell you that I'm doing my toes.'

DEFINITION: v. To compulsively describe, in excruciating detail, the minute events of one's everyday life as it happens; especially when assisted by modern information technology systems. n. A person who feels compelled to "share" every detail of their life, with everyone.

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Created by: tbAG84

Pronunciation: or-tow-goss-ip

Sentence: If you tweet about brushing your teeth and again about flossing you may just be an autogossip.

Etymology: auto- to do yourself gossip- to painstakingly and prolifically recount of intimate details.


You shouldn't auto be one! Good word. - Nosila, 2009-10-29: 00:38:00


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Created by: Koekbroer

Pronunciation: pan-teks-tyoo-al

Sentence: "Rachel doesn't keep anything a secret on her blog. She is completely pantextual."

Etymology: "pan" as in all; text

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Created by: sunny09

Pronunciation: pett-scribe

Sentence: I started screening my calls to avoid my friend calling hourly to pettscribe her doings, only to discover she now sends her pettscriptions to my inbox.

Etymology: petty + describe

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Created by: Elfie

Pronunciation: rhymes with hate-mail

Sentence: Jenny dictated yet another pratemail to her friend, as her hands were fully occupied.

Etymology: combined from "prate" - to blather on in annoying fashion, and "mail", a missive or message sent electronically or physically to another person.

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Created by: jonobo

Pronunciation: science + scription like in description.

Sentence: actually the word "science" itself would have done the job, but - with less points ;) She was sciencescripting the always-ultra drexperience.

Etymology: science, scientific + description = sciencescription

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Created by: hobodad



Etymology: blogger + diahrreah

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Created by: nuemj88

Pronunciation: cum-pulse-se-pown-age

Sentence: I totally compusipwnaged that open internet test. He just got compulsipwned in that debate

Etymology: compulsi-a very strong impulse to do something pwnage-The verb to pwn (past tense: pwned, pwnd, pwn'd, pwnt, pooned) as used by the Internet gaming subculture, means to beat or dominate an opponent.

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Created by: wordmeister

Pronunciation: die-ar-hee-ha

Sentence: Michael wondered if his celluar diarrheehaa was a byproduct of his forced constipsaytion at work, so he called one his friends and chat at his desk... This was a big mistake.

Etymology: diary + diarrhea


everyone i know has this proplem. lol - willster, 2007-04-16: 21:21:00


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Created by: davedave

Pronunciation: /kəˈmyunnæreɪt/

Sentence: My sister communarrated all night about how she wanted to change her hair part.

Etymology: communicate < Latin 'commūnicātus' (past part. of commūnicāre) to impart, make common + narrate < Latin 'narrātus' (past part. of narrāre) to relate, tell, say


talk about splitting hairs! - Jabberwocky, 2008-06-17: 05:59:00

metrohumanx I like COMMUNARATE. I think a successful word should be pronounceable on the first go... cleverness must be secondary. - metrohumanx, 2008-06-17: 14:23:00


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Created by: mweinmann

Pronunciation: tek - nal - edj - mee

Sentence: Lillian was great with techknowledgme. Using all of the tools at her disposal; her phone, laptop, voicemail, video game system, she made sure that everyone knew where she was and what she was doing at all times.

Etymology: technology, knowledge, me


good word - Nosila, 2009-10-29: 00:37:00


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