Verboticism: Sugargasm

'This donut is so good!'

DEFINITION: v. To enjoy, or derive physical pleasure from, the eating of sweets and other sugared substances -- often leads to over-consumption. n. Pleasure derived from the consumption of sweets.

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Created by: missparaguay1991

Pronunciation: -Sweed/ -dict

Sentence: Jonathan is a sweeddict you can see the sugar behind his nails and everything. He cannot make love to me if I'm not covered in chocolate! Manchester SweedAIDs Research Centre suggests the sweeddiction might have not cure.

Etymology: Sweeddict (n.) -swee/ from English sweet + dict/ from English addict. Family Tree: Sweeddiction (n.)

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Created by: Partario

Pronunciation: Fl-uh-Mex

Sentence: "He was so Flummexed"

Etymology: To Flummex or be Flummexed is to be so speechless up to the point of a gutteral gagging sound is made from the person suffering from the Flummex

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Created by: Manimal




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Created by: aleclair


Sentence: The sucrobsessed man decided it was his prime duty that weekend not to repair the car, but to acquire a pound of Hersheys' Kisses.

Etymology: Sucrobsessed is an adjective. The verb form is sucrobsess, and the noun form is sucrobsession. The word is derived from sucrose, the scientific name for sugar - and obsess.

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Created by: gorillo

Pronunciation: shu'-gasm

Sentence: This cake is so good I had a sugasm.

Etymology: sugar+orgasm

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Created by: Luke01

Pronunciation: Flajjing

Sentence: The man was fludging from donuts.

Etymology: ?

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Created by: BrotherCaine


Sentence: Augustus Gloop tried to saccharage his way through the whole of Wonka's factory.

Etymology: Saccharine + Rage

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Created by: janedoe

Pronunciation: dahy-uh-swee-teez

Sentence: Hide the chocolate! I've got a note from my doctor and serious case of diasweeties.

Etymology: From Latin, Greek: Diabetes; American: trans fat.

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Created by: trer9




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Created by: lordharry

Pronunciation: suck - tate

Sentence: The children sat in early registration collectively yearning for their morning suctation.

Etymology: suc from sucrose

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