Verboticism: Predalektion

'Going where no man has gone before.'

DEFINITION: n. A pop culture entertainment property, which has transcended itself and become a de facto religion with legions of devotees, prescribed rituals and sacred texts. v. To follow a pop culture icon with unquestioning devotion.

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Created by: Jabberwocky

Pronunciation: pree/dalek/shun

Sentence: The predalektion is a cult made up of crazed Dr Who fans who gather once a week in parking lots and bump into each other while saying over and over in stacatto voices "Exterminate" "Exterminate"

Etymology: predilection (inclination) + dalek (of Dr. Who fame)

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Comments: Predalektion

galwaywegian - 2007-06-19: 07:26:00

Clayton - 2007-06-19: 07:55:00
Great word!

jadenguy - 2007-06-19: 09:10:00

ErWenn - 2007-06-19: 17:06:00
Hah! While watching the episodes of the second season of the new Dr. Who show featuring both the Daleks and the Cybermen, I watched with my fingers crossed, praying for a "DELETE!"-"EXTERMINATE!" shouting match between the two. Once I got my wish, I was happy for a good week.

petaj - 2007-06-19: 23:27:00
dalektable even