Verboticism: Gabyrinth

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Created by: OZZIEBOB

Definition: v. To demonstrate your superior knowledge and intellect by using complex, confusing and mind-numbingly stupid jargon. n. A person who uses big words to inflate their unusually small ideas.

Pronunciation: GAB-uh-rinth

Sentence: Bob thought that his gabyrinth, a form of English, but with a strange admixture of words gleaned from Old English and Yiddish, made him sound super intelligence. Happy New Year to all.

Etymology: Blend of GAB: loquaciousness, prattle, chatter & LABYRINTH: Any confusing, bewildering, complex state of affairs

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Comments: Gabyrinth

Mustang - 2008-12-31: 07:00:00
A-maze-ing. Excellent verbotimism...

mweinmann - 2008-12-31: 09:02:00
clever and funny.

Nosila - 2008-12-31: 23:13:00
Oy Vey! Who Knew? What light through yonder window breaks???