Verboticism: Argylimbo

'My boyfriend disappeared in the laundry!'

DEFINITION: n., 1. The process by which pairs of socks are washed, dried, and then separated perhaps never to be reunited again. 2. The place where lost socks disappear to. v. To lose your mate in the wash.

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Created by: wayoffcenter

Pronunciation: ärgīlimbō

Sentence: When Nancy couldn't find one of her favorite purple socks she knew it had done the argylimbo, dancing its way under the washer or dryer. She refused to subscribe to her boyfriend's theory that single socks are capable of transcending into a different dimension and held in argylimbo only to return if you throw its mate away.

Etymology: argyle (a pattern composed of diamonds of various colors on a plain background, used in knitted garments such as sweaters and socks) limbo (the supposed abode of the souls of unbaptized infants) (a West Indian dance in which the dancer bends backward to pass under a horizontal bar that is progressively lowered to a position just above the ground)

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Comments: Argylimbo

metrohumanx - 2008-11-06: 12:04:00
Wow. Etherial religio-laundy surfactants can't diminish the other-dimensional logic behind ARGYLIMBO! I wonder where Madame Blavatsky did her wash?

zxvasdf - 2008-11-06: 12:13:00
love the story