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DEFINITION: v. To enjoy, or derive physical pleasure from, the eating of sweets and other sugared substances -- often leads to over-consumption. n. Pleasure derived from the consumption of sweets.

Pronunciation: can-frenz-dee

Sentence: His canfrenzdy reached an embarrassing point when he was seen eating the half-eaten donuts from the meeting that had been discarded and thrown in the waste bin.

Etymology: candy + frenzy (as in craze, delirium, hysteria)

Created by: remistram.

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Schmecktstasy: /shmek sta see/ When Kevin Kruller and Brenda Bismarck met for a coffee date each week, they inevitably had to try the latest flavours of donuts. Since Homer's Donuts (mmmm donuts...) prided itself on inventing new flavours each week, this sweet couple had to try them all. They became Homer's guinea pigs for his new creations and were in schmecktstasy. They also helped him give them quirky names, like the Holey Grail, Peaches & Cream Cheese, The Loonie Bin (covered in nuts) and Lard of the Rings. Their suggestion, The Traffic Circle (chocolate icing, with potholes on it and yellow lane markings) remains the favourite choice of the cops who frequent Homer's place. Etymology: Schmeckts(German/Yiddish word for Taste...schmeckts gut=tastes good) & Ecstasy (a state of elated bliss;pleasure;euphoria;bliss) Created by: Nosila.

Sugargasm: /shoŏgərgazəm/ Happy holidays is an understatement. With all the office parties and accompanying sweets Rudy is in heaven. It’s the one time of year he can stir his coffee with candy canes. He has purchased cheesecakes, cakes and pies to give out as gifts only to have to re-order them because he has given in to temptation all too easily. Just last night he practically had a sugargasm downing a whole cheesecake in one sitting. Happy Holidays! Etymology: sugar (a sweet crystalline substance obtained from various plants) + orgasm (a climax of sexual excitement) Created by: artr.

Glutomania: /Glut-o-mania/ To have a deep carving of all sweet things to the point excess Etymology: From gluton and mania Created by: Harbow.


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wyzowl - 2006-12-15: 01:28:00
Gluttony has made it so. Eating at any time in excess of your body needs is gluttony.

Fleury - 2006-12-15: 02:36:00
Yes, I used 'overindolcevita' for already. Sorry, but it just seemed so apt for this one as well.

loosepiece loosepiece - 2006-12-15: 07:24:00
i spelled my word wrong! how do i change it?

- 2006-12-15: 07:50:00

Verbotomy Verbotomy - 2006-12-15: 11:27:00
Hi Loosepeice, We are adding a VSEC (Verboticism Spelling, Editing and Correction) feature this weekend... ~ James

warped - 2006-12-15: 12:51:00
aw, someone already made "Gluephoria"...why can I never think of something original? It always seems like someone beats me to the punch...I guess I should get up earlier. :D

warped - 2006-12-15: 12:53:00
btw, There's no way to change/retract a word, is there?

Verbotomy Verbotomy - 2006-12-15: 13:07:00
Hi warped, Not yet... but soon! ~ James

aly22 aly22 - 2006-12-15: 15:23:00
Seems the early verb catches the worm voting wise, eh?

ArosaMike - 2006-12-17: 18:55:00
Woohoo! I made a 100% unique word :D Get in ;)

Carla Carla - 2010-12-11: 06:50:00
Works well as a noun, but as a verb...?

duktoreks - 2016-12-09: 00:20:00
“> “>

duktoreks - 2016-12-09: 00:22:00

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