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'I am in tune with me.'

DEFINITION: v. To turn up the volume on your ipod and zone out all exterior noise, chatter, distractions, and focus on what's really important - your own feelings! n. A person who is humming their own tune, and ignoring everything else.

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Top verboticism of the day created by jrogan

Pronunciation: idiopod

Sentence: Annie was a compulsive idiopod who was permanently plugged into her ipod. It was the soundtrack of her life, and she never missed a beat, unless it happened outside her head.

Etymology: ipod + idiot

Created by: jrogan.

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Dittydunce: /dittie-dunce/ She was acused of being a dittydunce when her tone-deaf humming made all the neighbourhood dogs run for cover. Etymology: ditty (song, tune) + dunce (idiot, simpleton) Created by: remistram.

Intunent: /in-two-nent/ With the music blaring and her arms shaking, Rebecca's intunent energy was contagious. Etymology: In [prefix: in, into] + Tune [a succession of musical sounds forming a melody] + Ent [suffix: full of] Created by: EonaFrae.

Knoblivion: /nob liv ee yon/ When Olivia hit the volume button on her ipod, she managed to enter her own little world, unaware of anything around her. She created a world of knoblivion, where nothing else existed but her. It was during this state of knoblivion that she failed to notice the red sports car that barely missed her and had to swerve into a big tree, flipping over the vehicle and trapping the driver. Calamities to others followed her until one day, she ignored the warning bells and the 4:15 downtown bus punched her ticket permanently. Etymology: Knob (dial;button that controls volume) & Oblivion (forgetfulness;a state of being unaware) Created by: Nosila.


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