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'This donut is so good!'

DEFINITION: v. To enjoy, or derive physical pleasure from, the eating of sweets and other sugared substances -- often leads to over-consumption. n. Pleasure derived from the consumption of sweets.

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Created by: annanas

Pronunciation: sweet/over

Sentence: If you continue sweetovering you will look like a pig!

Etymology: sweet + over-consumption

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Created by: Daddaluma


Sentence: Bill always chalked up his morbid obesity to an acute case of jellophilia, but really, he just eats too much and doesn't get enough exercise. What a pig.


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Created by: Auxilizz


Sentence: They were obsereved in compulsuming whatever on the table that evening.

Etymology: = compulsive consumption; verb: to compulsume; noun: compulsumption.


Don't you mean compulsuming? To compulsume would be the verb... no? - thedreness, 2006-12-15: 03:03:00

Thanks, you are right. Edited. - Auxilizz, 2006-12-15: 06:13:00


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Created by: wordbird

Pronunciation: sak-in-dul-genz

Sentence: He had the biggest gluteus maximus I had ever seen, thanks to his daily sacchindulgence over at the Doughboy Double Dip.

Etymology: saccharine; self-indulgence

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Created by: Mustang

Pronunciation: PAYST-reh-nyz

Sentence: Elmer and his wife Sadie are clearly in total joy as they pastrinize following meals and even between meals as they gorge themselves on sweets of just about any sort.

Etymology: Blend of 'pastry' (sweets, dessert) and the suffix '-ize' (to act, carry out or take on a quality)

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Created by: XeniNeko

Pronunciation: The stress is on the first vowel.

Sentence: I am so fond of sugared sweet. so tasty...oh. I have bellyheaped again. poor am I :-(((

Etymology: beely + heap verb - to bellyheap noun - a bellyheap


People))) I like it! - XeniNeko, 2006-12-17: 10:05:00


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Created by: mdschermer

Pronunciation: su-cro-mi-NAC-i-ty

Sentence: I know my sucrominacity is clogging up my arteries, but this dessert is just too good to pass up.

Etymology: sucrose: sugar + minacity: disposition to threaten.

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Created by: erasmus

Pronunciation: can dad ict

Sentence: he ate so many sweets he was a candadict.

Etymology: from candy and addict.

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Created by: RaDiCaLedward26

Pronunciation: soo-kro-sen-shoo-us



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Created by: librarian

Pronunciation: frook'-toe-gorj

Sentence: Dude, I totally fructogorged on those sour patch kids! My tongue hurts!

Etymology: fructose + gorge

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wyzowl - 2006-12-15: 01:28:00
Gluttony has made it so. Eating at any time in excess of your body needs is gluttony.

Fleury - 2006-12-15: 02:36:00
Yes, I used 'overindolcevita' for already. Sorry, but it just seemed so apt for this one as well.

loosepiece loosepiece - 2006-12-15: 07:24:00
i spelled my word wrong! how do i change it?

- 2006-12-15: 07:50:00

Verbotomy Verbotomy - 2006-12-15: 11:27:00
Hi Loosepeice, We are adding a VSEC (Verboticism Spelling, Editing and Correction) feature this weekend... ~ James

warped - 2006-12-15: 12:51:00
aw, someone already made "Gluephoria"...why can I never think of something original? It always seems like someone beats me to the punch...I guess I should get up earlier. :D

warped - 2006-12-15: 12:53:00
btw, There's no way to change/retract a word, is there?

Verbotomy Verbotomy - 2006-12-15: 13:07:00
Hi warped, Not yet... but soon! ~ James

aly22 aly22 - 2006-12-15: 15:23:00
Seems the early verb catches the worm voting wise, eh?

ArosaMike - 2006-12-17: 18:55:00
Woohoo! I made a 100% unique word :D Get in ;)

Carla Carla - 2010-12-11: 06:50:00
Works well as a noun, but as a verb...?

duktoreks - 2016-12-09: 00:20:00
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duktoreks - 2016-12-09: 00:22:00