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'I didn't get an MBA for nothing.'

DEFINITION: n. The art of sneaking to the office kitchen without having to take orders from your colleagues for coffee, or tea, or anything... v. To sneak in and out of the office kitchen without getting caught.

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Created by: PythianHabenero

Pronunciation: "culin-injury"

Sentence: My culininjery was strong this morning; I managed to get myself a coffee without having to fetch anyone else's.

Etymology: "Culinary" + "ninja" + the oft-neglected "-ery" suffix.

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Created by: lumina

Pronunciation: nin ja tate

Sentence: Doreen was getting really good at getting in and out of the office kitchen with nothing but her own coffee and donut. It took a bit of practice, but she finally became very good at ninjatating to the kitchen and back before anyone noticed she was gone.

Etymology: Ninja-silent killers/attackers gravitate-slowly getting to said destination

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Created by: erasmus

Pronunciation: s nee kit chen

Sentence: Mary had perfected the art of sneakitchen to the point that she had made a full wall of boxes between her and the kitchen door.

Etymology: from kitchen and sneak

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Created by: mana1066

Pronunciation: leech-voyd-ik

Sentence: To avoid having telling the truth President Bush uses leechvoidics on his constituents

Etymology: leech (blood-sucking people) + avoid + tactic

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Created by: urbanwookie

Pronunciation: tee-sep-shun

Sentence: Hiding her mug in the billowing folds of her skirt, Lisa traced a circuitous route towards the scullery...praying none of her office colleagues would catch wind of her intended teaception. She knew they would frown on her act of sculleryduggery!

Etymology: tea + deception


Why can't we have more than one word each? I wanted to add "sculleryduggery" too! - urbanwookie, 2007-04-01: 12:37:00


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Created by: rikboyee

Pronunciation: kit-chen-nin-jit-soo

Sentence: She arrived back at her desk with her coffee and they were none the wiser...another successful piece of kitcheninjitsu

Etymology: kitchen, ninjitsu


I like! - allwise, 2007-03-30: 02:36:00

so is kitcheninjitsu like really fast? - ajcor, 2007-03-30: 21:25:00


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Created by: allwise

Pronunciation: snÆk-jit-su

Sentence: -When you can remove this cookie from my private locked drawer grasshopper, you will have mastered the art of snackjitsu!

Etymology: snacking - the art of eating between meals. + ninjitsu - the art of The art of sneaking around in your pajamas.

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Created by: CharlieB

Pronunciation: sea-crete

Sentence: Fiona wasn't mean. It's just that with ten colleagues all wanting no sugar, just black, not too strong, special hand-sewn tea bag brewed for the time it takes the earth to rotate one inch.... she'd never get any work done. So she resorted to a carfty bit of midday secreation.

Etymology: secrete (to hide) + eat (to cosume; to chew and swallow food) + secret (something kept hidden or concealed)

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Created by: Javeson1

Pronunciation: later waiter

Sentence: I refuse to wait on my office mates; I am a Laterwaiter indeed!

Etymology: see you later + waiter

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Created by: metrohumanx

Pronunciation: sub-turf-eed-ing

Sentence: Dickenson said she went to get toner, but she was really SUBTERFEEDING. I could tell by the powdered sugar on her blouse that she'd been SUBTERFEEDING again.



metrohumanx How can I retract my word? Can I submit a second word? I just came up with a better one: SHUNRUN ! Shorter and more all-encompassing. - metrohumanx, 2008-06-15: 11:45:00


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Verbotomy Verbotomy - 2007-03-30: 01:31:00
Today's definition was suggested by erasmus.
Thank you erasmus! ~ James

Bulletchewer - 2007-03-30: 04:24:00

Bulletchewer - 2007-03-30: 04:30:00
Oops- wrong button. Sorry for the shameless advertising! Better get myself some coffee!

metrohumanx metrohumanx - 2008-06-15: 11:30:00
I LIKE EATRAIDER ! The double meaning is very funny... Metrohumanx

Verbotomy Verbotomy - 2009-10-16: 03:11:00
Today's definition was suggested by erasmus. Thank you erasmus. ~ James