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'Santa won't come unless you clean up your desk!'

DEFINITION: v. To inspire and motivate people to do great things, by issuing petty threats. n. A kind and gentle threat.

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Created by: hobnob

Pronunciation: good'bitch

Sentence: She's such a goodbitch.

Etymology: Good + bitch

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Created by: degsy99


Sentence: She insprited cleanliness throughout the office with her cajoling and minor threats.

Etymology: Combination of inspire, incite and threat.

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Created by: Chistinalove

Pronunciation: High - po - quin - sis

Sentence: In order to get my husband off the couch, I came up with some hypoqenses.

Etymology: Hypothetical Consequences

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Created by: oddnuance

Pronunciation: Per-sult

Sentence: You can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar, but persulting can work just as well.

Etymology: Persuade + Insult

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Created by: Wakkadude21



Etymology: Threat + Motivate = Throtivate

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Created by: gabngar

Pronunciation: Fri-ten-spi-re


Etymology: Frighten (scare)+ inspire

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Created by: ErWenn

Pronunciation: /in-'ti-m&-"nag/

Sentence: Aunt Petunia never figured out that her nephews just didn't enjoy brussel sprouts the way she did, and so her threats to not cook any came across more as intiminagging.

Etymology: from intimidate + nag

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Created by: d3sire85

Pronunciation: Nahg

Sentence: My mom is always nagin at me to clean my room.



- d3sire85, 2006-12-19: 21:23:00


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Created by: Hjason

Pronunciation: Hair-ripca-jole-ist

Sentence: Your hairpcajolist ways won't get you anywhere, missy.

Etymology: hair-rip-cajole


- Hjason, 2006-12-19: 13:38:00


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Created by: ubgrud

Pronunciation: wyte-male

Sentence: She whitemailed me into going to the store.

Etymology: white - opposite of black mail - as in "black mail"

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