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'I do not need or use deodorant.'

DEFINITION: n A lie told by a politician which is not really a lie, because in their heart of hearts, they are pretending it is true. v. To believe you are telling the truth even though you know it's really not.

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Created by: josje

Pronunciation: truth bending

Sentence: this guy believes himself, he is obviously truthbending

Etymology: truth en bending

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Created by: TJayzz

Pronunciation: Klin-ton-izem

Sentence: Although being caught red-handed as it were, Rupert De Soussa, the MP for Lustington South continued to deny his affair with the local vicars wife. His Clintonisms however were not fooling anyone, no matter how much he protested his innocence.

Etymology: Taken from the famous quote 'I did not have sexual relations with that woman.'


great application - too bad he will 'go down' in history for this - Jabberwocky, 2008-06-12: 11:39:00

Good word. - OZZIEBOB, 2008-06-13: 08:26:00


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Created by: bookowl

Pronunciation: plat/for/mida/bull


Etymology: platform + formidable + bull

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Created by: jrogan

Pronunciation: prom-miss

Sentence: I believe my own prommisses, don't you?

Etymology: prom+miss

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Created by: lumina

Pronunciation: f art

Sentence: The Governor knew he was not amongst his most loyal supporters, so it was suggested that he read the speech containing more fhearts than the one he read when in his hometown.

Etymology: hot air coming from the heart

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Created by: mrskellyscl

Pronunciation: spin-des-cre-shon

Sentence: Senator Bob's spindiscretion writers were so good that he actually believed himself that he was only trying to help the young staffer find the contact that fell into her blouse.

Etymology: spin:to provide an interpretation meant to sway public opinion + indiscretion: peccadillo; petty misdeed

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Created by: Nosila

Pronunciation: camp fane

Sentence: Senator Phil A. Baloney lived up to his name. Since this was his second run at the Senate, he had all his election lies down pat. He was more experienced in being able to campfeign election promises than his opponent. He made the traditional campfeigns:Reducing taxes;Balancing the budget;Equal Rights;Free Medicare; Space discovery, plus all the latest p.c. campfeigns:Greening America;Reducing Carbon Footprint and Free Trade. He was baffled when he lost his re-election bid to a rookie upstart educated woman of color, Oprah Goldberg. It was because he never wore deodorant and his Senate Body was like his campaign campfeigns, they stunk!

Etymology: Camp( something that is considered amusing not because of its originality but because of its unoriginality) & Campaign (exert oneself continuously, vigorously, or obtrusively to gain an end or engage in a crusade for a certain cause or person; be an advocate for or run, stand, or compete for an office or a position) & Feign (make believe with the intent to deceive; fake; pretend;misrepresent)

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Created by: bedens

Pronunciation: Dee-FIB-uh-lay-shun

Sentence: 1. (n.) "I voted with the best interest of my constituents in mind", he said with defibelation. 2. (v.) Johnny J. Politician defibilated when stating his position on health care reform.

Etymology: De (to remove) - fib (an untruth) - elation (with joy or happiness). Also incorporates part of "defibrillation", which is the act of restoring the heart to its normal rhythm.

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Created by: artr

Pronunciation: infərmādəpshən

Sentence: The spokes-person came to the point that he started to believe his own informadeuption.

Etymology: information (facts provided or learned about something or someone) + made-up (invented; not true)

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Created by: galwaywegian

Pronunciation: kon veen yent unt rooth

Sentence: a convenientuntruth is usually the result of a question they are glad you asked.

Etymology: convenient truth

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