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'Happy Holidays from the North Pole!'

DEFINITION: To offer non-denominational, inter-faith seasonal greetings, which are nevertheless a tad politically incorrect.

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Created by: iceburgamy

Pronunciation: ... you got me

Sentence: "happy holidays" is an example of a (see above)

Etymology: you know... the mormons

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Created by: Bulletchewer

Pronunciation: hol-e-corse-ti-fy

Sentence: It was particularly cringe-worthy to hear Michael holicaustify the diverse range of guests.

Etymology: From "holy/holiday", "horrify" and "caustic" meaning acidic or harsh. Is, of course, a pun on Holocaust, making the word a little risky, but, in my view, adding to the effectiveness of the gestures it describes, as they are offensive/insensitive.

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Created by: babel

Pronunciation: yool-tride

Sentence: Peter's whisky-infused mulled wine gave him oodles of yuletried spirit

Etymology: yuletide + tried

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Created by: knave


Sentence: The stops in my area tend to misfestivate a bit this time of year.


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Created by: oohisay




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Created by: quippingqueen

Pronunciation: glich/greet/ing

Sentence: Had Bismark Long-Pocket owned a copy of "The Official Politically Correct Dictionary and Handbook" or "Cultural Etiquette: A Guide for the Well-Intentioned", he would never have uttered such a glitchgreeting to the Quack-pots and Nag-Gnostics in his office.

Etymology: glitch: a malfunction or minor problem with unintended consequences + greeting: an expression of good wishes

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Created by: Fleury




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Created by: wysware

Pronunciation: con-grat-tu-grate

Sentence: I found his "merry substitute-holiday-of-your-choice" greeting particularly congratugrating.

Etymology: congratu (lations) grate (irritate)

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Created by: verndo


Sentence: Marry! Jesus didn't do it.

Etymology: Merry, Mary, to be married... clever high-pressure covert tactic to get you to marry.

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Created by: artbegotti

Pronunciation: ek'so-dEE-sem"bray-ting

Sentence: "Christmas shopping used to be easy, until the stores began exodecembrating for the neighbors down the street... now, there are so many "Holiday Spectacular" sales, I don't have time to visit them all!"

Etymology: From the Latin "ex" meaning "out of", and the Anglican "December" meaning "tenth month". I don't get it either.

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wordmeister - 2006-12-12: 10:34:00
Hey quippingqueen, Good glitch! And I like your quack-pots and nag-gnostics too.

warped - 2006-12-12: 15:58:00
My bad-I didn't see there was already a word like holicide (yulecide). Also, "Fauxmas" is also mine, before I figured out how to log in. :/

warped - 2006-12-12: 15:59:00
Also-yaaay, i'm in the top five right now!

hvhtim - 2006-12-12: 16:01:00
don't forget to vote for politicalmas the holiday of political correctness

wordmeister - 2006-12-12: 17:46:00
Hye babel, you're still at the top even with all the new competition. May I wish you a "feliznaviwhosyourdaddy"!

babel - 2006-12-12: 18:15:00
You may meister, and congrats for 'feliz..' jabberwocky. i was really shocked to see all these new entries, thought there had been a mass spamming.

Jabberwocky - 2006-12-13: 13:01:00
hats off to a true wordsmith Babel