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DEFINITION: v. To instinctively slam your foot on "the brakes" even though you're just a passenger. Often occurs when the actual driver fails to brake appropriately. n. A sudden jerk of the leg.

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Created by: adobrodt

Pronunciation: fan-TAS-ma-BRAKE-ij

Sentence: Bob suffered from an incurable phantasmabrakeage syndrome, causing most of his friends to insist on him driving everywhere.

Etymology: From phantasm (imaginary) and brakeage (the action of a brake)

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Created by: chris

Pronunciation: prok-see-ped-ul

Sentence: Her inability to control her desire to proxypedal had resulted in the garage installing an extra steel plate on the passsenger side footwell

Etymology: proxy + (brake)pedal


Nice word...Very funny. - johnnyrockett, 2006-12-27: 09:59:00


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Created by: thedugster

Pronunciation: Spaz - enger

Sentence: My passenger needs medication, they are such a spazenger!

Etymology: Passengers who demonstrate irrational responses to required driving maneuvers.

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Created by: PeteyPeteMcPetey

Pronunciation: Doot-Stop

Sentence: An old lady was about to cross the road, so I attempted a dootstop.

Etymology: Pitstop combined with what you might say if you were to verbalise the your feelings - "dooot! Stop!".

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Created by: IanArcher




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Created by: RachelRocks

Pronunciation: Con-tra-fibble

Sentence: Jeez mom, stop contrafibbling the floor of my truck when I'm driving.

Etymology: contra - against fibble - stomp

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Created by: rfrey121

Pronunciation: ab-de-break

Sentence: As the car sped out of contol and the driver did not break, the passenger became an abdebreak out of all of her fear.

Etymology: ab-from, away de- off break- stop

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Created by: Carla

Pronunciation: sloane-righ-duh

Sentence: Bernadette was the (self-appointed) car safety officer. Whenever the driver approached a 'hazard' (another car, for example), Bernadette would slam her foot onto the floor and beseech him to slow down.

Etymology: slow + 'lone rider'

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Created by: wiccanfey

Pronunciation: Auto-brake-i-tish (silent h)

Sentence: When my daughter was learning to drive, I couldn't help my autobrakitis and trying to grab the steering wheel to turn!

Etymology: Automatic, brake

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Created by: purpleartichokes

Pronunciation: im-ped-ul-ment

Sentence: Sue hated riding in stop-and-go traffic when Bob was driving, as her impedalment would leave her leg aching by the journey's end.

Etymology: impediment, pedal

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chris - 2006-12-27: 05:07:00
..hard to beat 'brakedancing'....

wordmeister - 2006-12-27: 10:37:00
Hey Chris, Yes I spotted brakedancing too! I was going to suggest that you consider "proxypedal" but that's your word... What about "Impedalment"? It's good too...

Wriiight - 2006-12-27: 12:56:00
While driving, I often notice my passengers suffer from a loss of controls.

wordmeister - 2006-12-27: 13:05:00
Good one Wriight!

nibololihiaa - 2018-12-27: 04:24:00
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Dulliesjag - 2018-12-27: 04:42:00
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gorapukinovs - 2018-12-27: 17:50:00
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Dulliesjag - 2018-12-27: 19:45:00
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