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'I'm surprised that no one else has picked up the ball.'

DEFINITION: v. To listen intently and sympathize with your colleagues when they request assistance, and then to simply, and completely, forget about it. n. The ability to sympathize with, yet ignore, requests for help.

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Created by: euclid

Pronunciation: being-a-manager

Sentence: Jason just totally exhibited empathy and love for Tina, but he was just beingamanager.

Etymology: ...

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Created by: quippingqueen

Pronunciation: empa/thot/amy

Sentence: His unique skill in performing an empathotomy was known not only by his colleagues but also by his superiors.

Etymology: empathize + lobotomy

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Created by: Discoveria

Pronunciation: Skam-path-ee

Sentence: Instead of helping Jill go up the hill to fetch a pail of water, Jack stayed at home out of sheer laziness. He was a master of the art of scampathy.

Etymology: Scam + scamp + empathy. Scam: a con; something designed to fool you. Scamp: a rascal. Empathy: to put yourself in another person's shoes, to see their point of view.


like that one! - w5lf9s, 2007-02-27: 12:12:00

A very good word. Without knowing the definition, you'd be able to figure out its meaning. - purpleartichokes, 2007-02-27: 12:22:00

It's scamptastic! - Alchemist, 2007-02-27: 12:47:00

good one - Jabberwocky, 2007-02-27: 13:31:00

Nice one Discoveria! And I am not just being scampathetic. - wordmeister, 2007-02-27: 19:30:00


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Created by: catgrin

Pronunciation: dis-en-hahr-kuhn

Sentence: John's disenharkening behavior left Carol feeling as though her confidant was useless.

Etymology: Take off on "dis" + "enhearten" meaning "to give heart" and "dis harken" meaning "forgetting to hear"

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Created by: w5lf9s


Sentence: When she reminded him the third time to print out that report for her, she began to wonder whether he might be suffering from that particular form of Alzhumour's she had read about.

Etymology: Alzheimer's disease (the first symtoms of which are forgetfulness) + to humour someone


petaj Maybe he just considered she was a lazy cow who knew perfectly well how to hit the print button. - petaj, 2007-02-27: 17:42:00


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Created by: bettyann9

Pronunciation: em-path-eezha

Sentence: She was so skilled at the art of empathesia that her friends never suspected she was transforming herself into a lawnmower even as she listened intently to their inane stories.

Etymology: Empathy+amnesia

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Created by: artr

Pronunciation: kuhm-pa-shuh-not

Sentence: When Denise came to Carl for help his face was completely sympathetic, his actions were compassionot.

Etymology: compassionate (having tender feelings) + not (used to express negation, denial, refusal, or prohibition)

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Created by: porsche

Pronunciation: I/pod/nod

Sentence: He was a master of the ipodnod. He looked intensely interested but he was really listening to his favorite tunes

Etymology: ipod + nod


Is this a confession? - wordmeister, 2007-02-27: 19:31:00


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Created by: erasmus

Pronunciation: av oi quest

Sentence: Frank was the most renown for avoiquesting in the office. Ask him anything and you can bet tomorrow he wont remember any of it.

Etymology: from avoid and request.

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Created by: jedijawa

Pronunciation: simp-o-lehp-see

Sentence: Though he was a good listener Mike's sympolepsy caused him to forget any request ever made of him by his co-workers.

Etymology: sympathy + epilepsy = sympolepsy

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Verbotomy Verbotomy - 2007-02-27: 00:01:41
Today's definition was suggested by erasmus.
Thank you erasmus! ~ James

erasmus erasmus - 2007-02-27: 11:23:00
Thanks James! shame I cant think of a word this time though, boo!

Verbotomy Verbotomy - 2009-09-19: 09:07:00
Today's definition was suggested by erasmus. Thank you erasmus. ~ James