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Proposed Definitions:

DEFINITION: adj;A situation when we seem to fall in love with everyone we meet,n; a person whon in love with the whole not able to control his happines
CREATED BY: simralotomy - 2014-05-19

DEFINITION: LUSTALGIA: from LA's CBS affiliate probably 1961-1964. To me,lustalgia is a nostalgic reverie,a personal erotic memory that is a joy to remember.
CREATED BY: JonVeigel - 2014-04-27

DEFINITION: Dizzle--v. When an animal watching a human cocks its head to one side in adorable confusion.
CREATED BY: Amy Reese - 2013-11-13

DEFINITION: n. More time than you need, causing you to be late for something. v. To be late for something because you had too much time.
CREATED BY: Krixwell - 2013-09-10

DEFINITION: n. The feeling of suddenly not having internet access and nothing else to do. v. To suddenly lose access to the internet.
CREATED BY: Krixwell - 2013-09-06

DEFINITION: v. To move something 72 kilometers/46 miles. n. A distance of 72 kilometers/46 miles.
CREATED BY: Krixwell - 2013-09-06

DEFINITION: n. The feeling of indifference towards the Terms and Conditions document of a service. v. To ignore and/or blindly agree to Terms and Conditions.
CREATED BY: Krixwell - 2013-09-06

DEFINITION: Litterature- a piece of literary junk
CREATED BY: Lhing - 2013-07-17

DEFINITION: Fucket list--a list of things related to sex that one has never done before but wants to do before he kicks the bucket
CREATED BY: Lhing - 2013-07-17

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CREATED BY: Chloe Lee - 2013-06-16


'This bank machine is so stupid.'

DEFINITION: v., To have the strength of character, persistence of heart, and dimness of wit to follow an unchanging course of action even when it is completely ineffective. n., A person who unhappily does the same thing over and over again.

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