Verboticism: Oddvantage

'You mean, it's okay if I'm a totally obsessive-compulsive neat freak?'

DEFINITION: v. To suddenly discover that your most troublesome personality defect, for which you have been taking medication and/or therapy, is actually your greatest asset. n. A perceived weakness which is actually a strength.

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Created by: jboehnker

Pronunciation: od' van tej

Sentence: The moment he read the classified ad for the position as a corporate doorstop, Bob's lack of arms and legs turned from a handicap into an oddvantage.

Etymology: odd + advantage

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Comments: Oddvantage

missparaguay1991 - 2006-12-14: 09:39:00
this is best word ever, should be included in mainstream dictionaries! up oddvantages!

galwaywegian - 2007-06-25: 04:56:00

remistram - 2007-06-25: 14:38:00